Color is an endorphin. My art lets me explore and communicate with it.

The Earth is Flat Series 19, Green means Stop

The Earth is Flat Series 19, Green means Stop


My Beginning

It is a personal story as all art is, I went directly into the 1st grade at John James Audubon ( wonderful artist/scientist of birds and plants)Elementary School in Louisville Kentucky. I was awarded a prize for my painting of my “best” friend Ann Smith and myself titled “Ann and I” . My face was the size of the Moon and hers squishes into a long rectangle to the side. The positioning told the story of which was drawn first. My ego intact. Other exploits into art where encouraged by my mother a wonderfully creative woman who decided to take a few classes so she would be able to teach after school art. Her nature was to give and this was an opportunity to inspire creativity to children. She liked to let the students explore the size of the paper by laying the heads down on it and stretching their arms to feel the paper ‘s size in comparison to their own.Her favorite story was about a little boy who painted his face with side burns (Elvis being the rage). My Second grade teacher ,Mrs. Brown who had kept in touch with my recently deceased Aunt Sisi of 96 years , gave my second grade class an assignment about 7 artist each included children into their work. I believe this was to introduce us to painters from around the world and to show us that children are important people. I copied carefully the information to accompany the seven images of the work on a separate page to create my own art book. I still have the treasure that was given to me at 7 years old. Many other teachers helped to lift my idea of being an artist . Mrs.Meridith was an artist and my teacher in high school. She and her husband owned a gallery in Louisville aptly name Meridith Gallery.

College was at the University of Louisville graduating with a teaching degree Art Major. So I follow my influences and continue to paint and teach knowing that each aids the other.


“A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world .”

— hans hofmann

Marsha Staiger’s “The Earth is Flat Series , Red Line and Green Moon

Marsha Staiger’s “The Earth is Flat Series , Red Line and Green Moon


Hans Hofmann was a German-born American painter. An immigrant who changed the art world with his ideas of color and teaching . His work is characterized by its rigorous concern with pictorial structure and unity, spatial illusion and use of bold color for expressive means.Critic Clement Greenberg considered his 1944 one artist exhibit at Peggy Guggenheim’s Art of this Century as a breakthrough in painterly versus geometric abstraction that heralded the development of abstract expressionism.


Artist Statement

The marks I make are very intuitive and playful. As I work I encourage the child in me to reinvent the delight of a repeated cadence in the mark making. Layers of color talk to and influence each other. The balance between warm and cool, the rhythm that is created as a colors travel through the work.  New colors added or taken away change all the relationships .The way an accidental drip leads to the next large mark. 

My process for creating is to work in series . The Paper Piece Graft uses the compositional idea of strata , horizontal format and a restricted palette . The excitement for me is the inset horizontal bans that inform the loose and organic beginnings . I enjoy the freedom of comparing and contrasting each of the series… a remnant of the darken art history class and the lovely opportunity to play the game of what is the same and what is different..


Paper Pieces , Graft

Each of Paper Piece Graft is harkening back to a geometric idea that I have used through out my career to build the structure as Hans Hofmann quotes to control my delight slide into color and organic marks. I am particularly interested in the edge of these paintings and allow the “foreground” to play with the “background” as the viewer focuses on one and then the other