Series Work


R&B and R&B2GO

Started with a wonderful carpenter bringing me a box of small cradles much like a basket of kittens to an artist.

My interest in an elongated format was begun as a failed exercise I gave myself( that is what artist do) . The summer of 2004 began my interest in Jasper Johns with a large exhibition of his work at the NGA East Wing. I love the flags and worked on pieces that were color dense with the order of the field and stripes. I decided that I would extend the idea to a set of 50 12 x 18 canvases and video tape them into something I wasn’t sure of . I worked the idea and really began to fuss and fume at the small size and my inability to connect. So I threw or put them in a group of 5 onto my easel and looked at them. They became a 60 x 18 format that I liked and I started to work over them. I joined them with lattice strips learned that they would belly out if they didn’t have more support. They became the landscapes trapped in a vertical I had been asking my students to think about. I was in love I built more and made more . The studio I shared looked like a hula skirt factory because I saved the taped and reattached it to the other pieces letting each piece be connected with the other.

I think this idea came from a seed that was planted from an exhibit of kimonos at NGA west wing , where the splendor of the four seasons where spread across finely made silk kimonos with their sleeves spread and connected with the one by it in a ellipse. Just the most glorious of ideas executed with tremendous skill.